Adult Groups

Music Therapy isn’t just for children. Adults can benefit from music therapy, too! We provide a variety of sessions to choose from.  Groups provide socialization, support, and structure for individuals. While it is impossible to list every advantage music therapy interventions can offer, we’ve listed a few areas below. Unsure of what types of sessions you need? Contact us and we can help place you in the right group.

Stroke Care

Our stroke group focuses on regaining your skills to increase independence and quality of life even if it has been years since your last therapy session. We will use interventions that increase body movement and breath support. Individuals with stroke or TBI challenges are appropriate.

MT Choir

This group is for those who want to increase breath support for sound and sentence length. We will use familiar music and vocal exercises to help you with your breath support. Individuals experiencing Parkinson’s, stroke symptoms, COPD, or other airway disorders are appropriate for this group.

Caring For Each Other Group

This group is for those who are providing caregiving to a family member. Both you and a family member are together in the same group to have a positive experience, creating good memories.

Creating Interactions

During Creating Interactions, we are focused on what we can do! All interventions support the individual within the group setting and allow them to do what they can. Individuals experiencing memory loss are appropriate for this group.


IMS provides contract services with facilities interested in music therapy services for their clients.

Please get in touch with us with questions about what we can provide for you.