Leanne Wade, Ph.D., MT-BC

Leanne Wade, Ph.D., MT-BC

Owner/Music Therapist

Leanne has been a music therapist for 25 years and has served a variety of people of all ages and needs. Throughout the years she has created and managed several departments. She was trained in music therapy at the University of the Pacific (Masters) and the University of Kansas (Ph.D.). She holds specialized certifications in NICU-MT and Neurological Music Therapy.  Leanne enjoys Jayhawk basketball, reading, sewing, and the company of her dog, Bentley.

Consultations & Speaking

Please contact me with any opportunities for consultation partnerships or speaking engagement opportunities.

Caring for people

Your loved one is not a diagnosis or behavior to us! They are an important part of your family. They deserve the best possible services. I have spent my career working in government and hospital facilities as well as in private practice with a wide variety of people. We will work with you and/or your loved one to determine the best possible goals and objectives to help reach the desired outcomes. This will depend on the individual.

Music Therapy Techniques

We use music in a variety of ways to meet needs of the individual we are treating.  This may come in the form of instrument play (no formal education required), singing, or techniques in Neurologic Music Therapy.  The beauty of it is that everyone can participate in music therapy. Unlike music education we are not worried about the musical outcome but rather the functional one.


We provide groups for our clients as an additional support for music therapy. Through the group structure, individuals can learn from each other and experience active music engagement. They may not even realize they are working on goals and objectives. We are fighting loneliness one group at a time.

Practicum Students & Interns

Our music therapy practice trains practicum students and interns. Both practicum students and interns are required to complete supervised hours before they can sit for the board examination. Don’t worry, each student has been vetted and is observed throughout their time with us. Practicum students will have a supervising therapist observe the entire session while an intern may lead sessions independently.

Adaptive Lessons

Adaptive lessons are sought after by many parents. Unfortunately, we do not provide adaptive lessons at this time.